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Puppy Register

This is a source of information regarding members of the Eastern Counties Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Society who may have or be expecting litters of Cavalier puppies. The register is co ordinated by Steve Mynott who can be contacted on 01223 872795 please do not phone after 9.00 pm.

The Eastern Club have produced an " Advice on Buying A Puppy " available to read on this web site www.cavaliers.co.uk .

You should always buy a Puppy from a specialist breeder where you will see the puppies with their Mother. A Breeder should hand over a signed Pedigree, details of the Kennel Club Registration Certificate and a Diet Sheet. Expect to spend quite a while with the Breeder as you assess each other and gain additional information about the needs of a Cavalier Puppy.

You may find that Breeders are un willing to sell Puppies at Christmas time. A Puppy is for LIFE and not just for Christmas.